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Business 101

Can you imagine NOT waking up to AdvoCare products? Or the extra money from your AdvoCare Business?

If we truly believe these have made a difference in our lives, how can we NOT share it?

When I focus on offering AdvoCare and NOT the other person's response, I have even more pep in my step as I make intentional calls, sit down with people and even talk to people I meet through my day.

When i get all obsessed with who's going to say yes, who's going to say no, what will "they" think, who's doing this with us, who's not, etc, I freeze and stop sharing.

There are MILLIONS of people in America. Not everyone will say yes, but there are so many who will but we have to tell them!

They're waiting for someone to give them a chance to feel great and have options like we do.

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Business 101: Do you play "Who Do You Know"?

I'm sitting here today looking through the calendar and doing what I've done for over 17 years. I intentionally go through the calendar of events all across the nation and ask myself, "Who Do I Know" that I could get into that room? Remember, you can have a coast-to-coast business wherever you are.

Here are the steps before I send someone to a meeting:
1. I have the one on one appointment with them. Whether it's a phone call, facetime or skype, I have the initial conversation with them. I find the easiest and clearest way to walk them through is with my personalized site.
2. I get samples in the mail - always Spark. I include a note, an Impact magazine and our personalized Choose the Challenge card. If the meeting is coming up too fast for me to get samples to them, I tell them a sample is on its way.
3. I follow up and tell them about the meeting in their area.
4. I contact them the night of the meeting or at the latest the next day.

The steps above are for someone who is NOT on products yet. I comb the calendar for events for current wholesale customers and advisors so they can learn more about AdvoCare and the options they have.

Check out the events in the country at

Make sense?

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Business 101:

Do you play "who do you know" with the Calendar on ?

Every day, we scour FB and various AdvoCare calendars to help YOU find meetings close to you, your prospects and your teams.

1) Did you know about this resource?

2) Do you find it valuable?

We're ALWAYS looking for ways to help move your momentum and help you work your business efficiently.

Is this one working for you?

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Straight Talk: Sadly, I too often find that people are frustrated and/or discouraged (and some eventually quit) when the reality is they've NEVER given the Success System an honest try or tried it for such a short period of time (or so inconsistently) that stable Business Growth is a virtual impossibility.

My question is always, "WHY?"

I remember the gut-wrenching reality check of knowing that my quality of day was NOT going to improve if I didn't find something to help my body work like it should.

I also remember the gut-wrenching reality check that our checking account, savings account (what little there was!) nor our calendar was going to change if we didn't make at least a 2-year-without-a-doubt focused effort to build this business.

Someone on this page is SICK. OF. IT.

You're ready to FIGHT for your FREEDOM.

I'm on a mission. I know it won't necessarily be a lot of people who will be willing to go through it. Who will FIGHT even when it's hard. Who won't quit even when quitting looks oh so delicious. Many will be casual about AdvoCare and that's wonderful .... if that's what your gut says is right for you.

BUT...some of you aren't satisfied. You wrestle with "how do I break through".

We get it.
We've been there.
We've quit at least a thousand times.
But that didn't last long.

We didn't have another option.

And come "hell or high water", we weren't stopping until we had made every single possible effort so we could have life options that were forever out of our reach.

Is this you?

YOU ARE ON MY HEART. I honestly often wish you'd leave me alone. That you'd not be on my mind when I go to bed at night. When I wake up in the morning. I wish I couldn't hear your voices as you've shared the disgusts in your life. That I couldn't picture your spouses, your kids, your lives. That I could just chill out and enjoy the fruits of over 17 years of work.


I'm stirred. I'm FIRED UP. I'm ready for the next person to taste the freedom of paying off debt, a cash Christmas, having extra in the checking account so you don't have the "where's the money gone??!" conversation with your spouse, etc.

We can't chill out because SOMEONE IS US - just 17 years later.

Don't you QUIT. Keep fighting. Your FREEDOM is worth it and WE'RE FIGHTING RIGHT BESIDE YOU!

Keep this one thing in mind and know it's 100% the TRUTH - You'll have to Quit on Yourself because WE'RE NOT QUITTING ON YOU.

I love this Team.
I love AdvoCare.
I love that we get to Fight Together for Freedom.

Happy Monday.

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Business 101 - The 3 Way Call

Me: "Why is the timer set?"
Bengie: "To remind me about my 3 way call with Todd Bailey."

Bengie went on to say, "One thing I know about Todd is that every 3 way call is set up perfectly and he does a great job!"

How do you set up a 3 way call perfectly?

1. Already have an initial conversation with the person, sample them on Spark, etc.

We always suggest using (the one that you've personalized") to do this. It's simple, easy to follow and understand, sets up beautifully for the conversation with your sponsor and is something your people can then duplicate.

Reminder: 3 Way Calls are NOT for you to grab your sponsor and throw them onto a call with your new person who knows absolutely nothing about AdvoCare. This can feel really awkward and weird.

2. Best case:

The person is already on products and doing well. (Sometimes, though, a 3 way call is the place to work through product difficulties.)

The person is ready to start the Business at some level.

3. Set up your sponsor that you'll be putting on the phone.

"Bengie is awesome! You're going to love him. He's been here a long time and he'll love meeting you and helping you figure out if AdvoCare is your fit and what to do next!"

Sometimes I have people tell me that their people do NOT want to get on a 3 way call. This perplexes me. I've only had ONE person ever refuse a 3 way call.

Here are a few scenarios:

I'm super relaxed about it and say, "Oh my gosh, Pam, you've already lost 10 pounds?! Hang on, I'm going to grab my friend and we'll celebrate you together. **To be sure my sponsor was available, I'd contact her and say, "I'm doing follow up calls for the next hour. Is this a good time for you to possibly do a 3 way call?"

I also do MANY planned 3 way calls. "Pam, I'm so excited that you've lost 10 pounds on your Challenge. Let's jump on a call with my friend who's helping me to be sure you're set up perfectly with what to do next. When is the best time for you today or tomorrow?"

Or "I know you want to get your Business started. Our next step is to get you on the phone with my friend who helped me get started."

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you're struggling with 3 way calls:

Am I intimidated by them?
Do I think they're weird?
Am I intentional about trying to put my people on the phone with my sponsor or do I have the "I can do this myself and don't need anybody to help me?" mindset.

Using 3 way calls doesn't mean you're not capable, knowledgeable or just plain awesome - it just give your prospects, customers and/or team members a different voice to reinforce what you've said and reinforce that you ARE capable, knowledgeable and just plain awesome! :)

When I focus on what's best for the people I'm helping - I always find a way to get them on the phone for their best results.

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Straight Talk: Hope you're listening to the CIA (Champions in Action) Call!! It's excellent.

Success School.

If you say you want to build a business and this is THE key event for your business, why would you NOT do everything in your power to be there?

What if Success School was a 5* Vacation to the destination of your choice. Would you and/or could you figure out how to get there for a couple of days?

Reality is that Success School can help you get to your dream destination in life...and that lasts a lot longer than a "dream trip".

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Business 101: Thinking about some great calls I've been on recently.

If you've heard my story, you know I was 100% NOT going to do 3 way calls (I thought they'd be weird and awkward

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Straight Talk - Don't expect "big stuff" without "big work".

It's easy to see the possibilities of AdvoCare and get excited.
It's easy to do a couple of things to get your business started.
It's hard to get up EVERY SINGLE DAY, DAY IN AND DAY OUT, MONTH IN AND MONTH OUT, YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT, VICTORY IN AND VICTORY OUT, DISAPPOINTING DAYS AND ALL to not just help yourself reach your goals but to help the team members YOU recruit reach theirs.

Monday's a good day for a "gut check":
What am I about?
Am I true to my purpose?
Am I true to the promises I made to people on my team?
What's ONE THING I can do a better job of today than yesterday?

Flying out for a week long trip. To be honest, I don't feel like packing Impact, Spark and Choose the Challenge cards, I don't feel like doing the calls I have scheduled, I don't feel like a day of meetings tomorrow, I don't feel like revamping the New Distributor Packet, working on an incentive for the summer, etc.

What I DO feel like is being true to what I'm about and who I've made promises too. I'm also gut-checked by the reality that there may be ONE PERSON I meet on this trip who's praying for solutions that only AdvoCare can provide.

Who's willing to trade in feelings for "doing it anyway"?

In a world where mediocre is too-often-ok, I'm aiming for Excellence (not perfection). The feelings follow every time!

Anybody in?

‪#‎DFDM‬ (DebtFreeDifferenceMakers)

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Business 101 - WHO is going into the Success System TODAY?

Think of it like a game board. You Start at the top with a 1/1. You move people around the board until you get to Success School. The way to "win" is to see HOW MANY PEOPLE YOU CAN TAKE WITH YOU TO SCHOOL!

This is a NUMBERS GAME - you have to talk to ENOUGH (for me - that was at least 3 new people a day to get our business moving) to get the number of Front Line Advisors (legs) to School.

Who's playing this game with us right now? It's ALWAYS GAME ON!

Frustrated at your "game progress"? Go to and start TRACKING YOUR PROGRESS.

Usually frustration sets in when there are TOO FEW PEOPLE GOING INTO AND AROUND THE BOARD!

EXCITEMENT and GROWTH sets in when you increase your numbers.


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Straight Talk: Part of my Mental Toughness Training from the book "Chop Wood, Carry Water" is something Bengie and I strive for daily. We're NOT perfect on it, but this is our heart, our mission, our daily goal.

"Treat people really, really well."

To put in the words I've heard Bengie say at least 1,000 times "Treat others like you want to be treated."

And my first lesson in this from childhood "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you."

This whole concept is probably the most "weighty" to me - it's what I get very concerned about messing up.

Every day, I try to mentally go through the list of people I talked to, texted with, emailed, etc and ask myself "Did I forget to get back to anyone? Have I checked the bazillion ways we now have to communicate? (voice mail at home, voice mail on cell, FB tags, FB messages, emails - which account? Instagram, Twitter, notes from phone conversations, live conversations - whew, we now have lots of ways to connect! 

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Business 101: "You can't do AdvoCare when you don't have a life to do it with." Anna Smith

Mixers, Business Opportunity Meetings, 2on1's, Trainings, Success School - these are all LIVE events.

BUT...the MAJORITY of your AdvoCare Business can GO WITH YOU! We call it an "as you go business".

Don't try to cram AdvoCare into the "typical 9to5 thinking". Bengie and I are all over the place following kids' sports, living life, doing meetings in different parts of the country, living between 2 houses, etc. ADVOCARE GOES WITH US!

We plan our calendar with the LIVE AdvoCare things and then simply take our phone, notebook, calendar and computer knowing that we can do the rest of our work from anywhere.

Yesterday, I dropped everything and made a trip to South Carolina to see our daughter. I did 3 way calls on the trip to and from, returned texts and emails when stopped, worked with her on what to do next with some of their people, coached her up on how she was ready to do their first mixer without us, saw 3 of the people she's recently sampled on products, etc. This all was going on while we were laughing, having fun and feeling like it was a "play day".

Here are a few tips:
1. Plan your work.
2. Work your plan.
3. Be prepared. Take your Spark samples, Impact Magazine, Choose the Challenge cards, etc with you.

Anna Smith shared earlier this week that she was stir crazy trying to be at home working AdvoCare full time in her jammies. Her business has gained even more momentum and she's having so much more fun by doing the LIVE events and then getting out, seeing people, working at the gym she owns and staying involved in volunteer activities.


‪#‎DFDM‬ (Debt Free Difference Makers)

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Business 101-AdvoCare is a business of DUPLICATION - we literally do the same thing over and over and teach others to do the same.

A large part of my week is to "give people words" - how to open the conversation, what to say to follow up, what to say when inviting to an event, how to set up a 3 way call, etc.

The goal is for each person to become confident and competent at duplicating. As your team grows, that's what you want to have happen, too.

You know, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, right?

That's not to say there's not nerves and jitters. I was laughing as our daughter, Sara Parr Slocum, was practicing for her first mixer on her own tonight. She's been around AdvoCare almost all her life but it's a different feeling when you're fishing on your own.

Of course, plug and play on the AdvoCare site is an option, but I think she's ready, what about you?

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Business 101 - What are you doing (or have already done) to "master your craft" - become EXCELLENT at AdvoCare?

Believe it or not, the answer is not on watching trainings, reading aboutproducts, or even reading this post.

How many times per day will you CHOOSE to interact with a person (or a certain number of people)?

What will you CHOOSE to do during those interactions? Remember to listen, speak, listen, speak and mold YOUR STORY into what they're saying!

This. Is. Not. Hard.

I promise.

Thinking about it, over analyzing it, trying to be "perfect" (there's no such thing), etc IS HARD.

Go share your story.
You're awesome.
People are waiting.
Even if it takes more than you thought to find that one who's been looking for you and for AdvoCare.

‪#‎DFDM‬ (Debt Free Difference Makers)

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Straight Talk: "Take a look at the last 5 years. If nothing changes, what will your life look like in the next 5 years?"

It was this question and our realistic examination of our lives that made Bengie and me get really intentional really fast.

We made a 2 year commitment to working AdvoCare consistently before we made any decision about whether or not this was "for us". We didn't expect to be easy. We didn't expect it to be without hard work. We didn't expect it to be without some trade offs - giving up some things in the short term to have a lot more choices later.

Our thought was, we're not having to go get a small business loan nor take any other financial risk. The only risk was some time and some "getting out of our comfort zone."

That mindset and consistent, persistent focus on the Success System and PEOPLE allowed us to grow quickly and make choices we only dreamed of.

What about you? What will your life (your finances, your family, your time, etc) look like if nothing changes?

If you're ready for change, you may have found your perfect fit. Your life-vision may be a lot different than ours - AdvoCare means different things for different people. Whatever is stirring your heart -- GO FOR IT!!

You have a team of leaders and teammates cheering for YOU today!

PS - I was thinking about you today as we moved our final load out of our daughter's college house. She was just 6 when we started this business and here she is 23 years old already.

That's my Dad and Bengie in the picture. My Dad was 65 when he started taking AdvoCare. Here he is at 82 helping Bengie move furniture.

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Straight Talk: "When you operate with a heart posture of gratefulness, you free yourself up to be at your best and slip into the zone. When you are focused on results you tend to force things, which makes you tight, and it's almost impossible to get into the zone. Not to mention, you are also much more of a joy to be around for those you love when you operate with a heart posture of gratefulness." - Chop Wood Carry Water

Have you read it yet? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

I truly believe reading (and applying) the principles in this 110 page book has potential to CHANGE YOUR LIFE - and that includes your AdvoCare Business. It's written as a fable so it's interesting and simple to read.

Since reading it about 6 weeks ago, I've referred to it nearly EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have it on my phone and a hard copy.

Think about AdvoCare - we only do a few things to build a business here -- and all of them can be life-changing for us and for the people we talk to/work with.

1. Use the Products - EVERY DAY and CORRECTLY
2. Talk to People - Share your Story and give them options
3. Follow Up - CARE ABOUT THEM!
4. Connect them to AdvoCare - 3 way Calls, 2on1's, Mixers, Conference Calls, etc.

THAT'S IT! It's the PROVEN PROCESS. Do the work and then trust the process. It takes time. Don't fret - ENJOY THE PROCESS and enjoy your day!

Chop Wood Carry Water: How to Fall in Love with the Process of Becoming Great

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Business 101: Looking through an old journal from 2005. Some things never change.

Good stuff from Hall of Fame Distributor, Todd Cash!
1. Pursue AdvoCare with Passion
2. What are your motives and where do you stand? Are you about serving other people and helping them get what THEY want? (That's the only way to be successful here.)
3. Learn to Harness FOCUS. (Don't bounce around from thing to thing, idea to idea, etc. Stay focused on the SUCCESS SYSTEM PROCESS.)
4. Develop a BIG PICTURE MENTALITY. See everything bigger than what you see right now.
5. CHOOSE to let Adversity mold your character. (Don't give up with then going gets tough!)

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Business 101: Packaging your story is one of the first fundamentals to master in AdvoCare.

Melanie Churchwell - WOW!! You did an AWESOME job telling your story today. You set up for every one to learn.

Mary Myers and Chase Lord - Thank YOU for sharing your stories and letting us trim them and tweak them a bit. Go share!! YOUR STORIES ARE POWERFUL.

Challenge: Share your story TODAY at least once. Someone is waiting on you. heart emoticon

Be Yourself.
Share from the Heart.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
Provide Solutions.

In the words of Donna Cash - just focus on the 3 C's:


Click on the link to listen to today's Training Call. Be sure to take notes so you can work on your own story.…



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Business 101: "I'm getting super close to Distributor Support. I've got their number saved in my phone and I call them all the time! They're always going to answer...and you don't."

I literally laughed out loud at this conversation with my daughter, Sara, this morning, but then decided to share because Distributor Support is AWESOME and some of you may not even know about them or maybe you just don't use them often (if ever).

The reality is that your sponsor, EVEN IF IT'S YOUR MOM AND DAD, can't always be at your beck and call. Many sponsors still work full or part time jobs, have other distributors they're helping, they all have families, friends, life responsibilities, etc.

When you have a question, ask yourself, "Is this a generic question that Distributor Support can answer or is this a question or a situation where my Sponsor would make more sense?"

When we were getting started, I added the question, "Is it worth paying long distance charges to our sponsor or can I get what I need from Distributor Support for free (1-800 number)? smile emoticon "

I also encourage you to think, "Is this a question that could help initiate a good 3 way call between my customer/distributor/advisor and my sponsor?"



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Straight Talk: "We don't have control over our outcomes, but we do have control over how we use our time."

Who would you call TODAY to share AdvoCare with if you had zero concern about the outcome?

How would you budget your time TODAY if you were serious about your purpose in AdvoCare?

Did you ever stop and think that the person who's on your mind may be waiting for YOU to share AdvoCare? The products and/or the business may be what they've been looking for!

Our sponsors, Justin and Jackie Roberts, almost DID NOT share AdvoCare with us because they didn't think it looked like we "needed it".

They had no idea that Bengie and I were talking and praying for something different so we'd have more time and money at the end of the month!

Don't get too excited and think, "So, the Roberts told the Parrs about AdvoCare and then it was just a whirlwind of successful activity after that!"

Can you say EXACT OPPOSITE??

We are ONLY here because the Roberts did not give up. They introduced us to AdvoCare in January BUT WE DID NOT EVEN TRY A SAMPLE UNTIL APRIL - THE END OF APRIL!

During that time, we were rude, skeptical and it's down-right-embarrassing to think back about it!!


Guess what? If they can do it, if we can do it, why can't you??

Use the Products.
Talk to People.
Follow Up.
Plug them into the Success System Process.

Repeat. smile emoticon

PS - And don't get focused on the outcome. The timing is different for everyone. Never forget that "NO" often doesn't really mean "NO". It often means, "Not yet".

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